Fidelio Maritime & Trading S.A.


Fidelity Enterprises S.A. is a privately owned fully incorporated Marshall Islands shipping company which was founded in 1996 by Odisseas Fountoulakis who had then 30 years background in the Greek shipping industry and a firm belief that the market conditions were optimal for the establishment of an independent operating company in the constantly rising Piraeus market.

In 2000, Fidelity Enterprises S.A. purchased the first ship of the group M/V Green Trader (21,450 dwt logger).

The founder’s shipping expertise combined with a very experienced group of employees formed at the time the largest Greek operating company having a fleet of 5-8 ships constantly on period and performing COA’s of more than 1 million tons annually. Fidelity Enterprises S.A. since its inception has been offering the shipping industry with advanced commercial management services.