Fidelio Maritime & Trading S.A.



Conducting Voyage Results Analysis And Supporting The Process To Conclude Fixture

Providing Strategic Voyage Planning To Maximize Operational Efficiency And Safety

Budgeting And Cost Accounting For Each Vessel

Communicating Latest Ship Schedules With The Required Parties

Engaging And Contracting With Our Extensive Global Network Of Port Agents

Liaising With Agents, Charterers, Ship Brokers And Ship Owners

Monitoring Vessel's Performance And Compliance With Charter Party Requirements

Monitoring And Implementing International/Regional/National Regulations And Industry Requirement


Clients can rely on Fidelity’s in-house claims department which undertakes to ensure an effective and efficient management strategy in cooperation with P & I clubs and other insurers.

Fidelity’s claims department manages claims under P & I, FDD, H & M, Loss of Hire, War, Strike and Cargo policies.

Fidelity Enterprises S.A. also initiates contract claims related to bills of lading, charter parties, sales and purchase agreements, shipbuilding and other agreements


Planning And Supervising Dry Dockings

Coordinating Major And Minor Repairs And Upgrades

Conducting Regular Vessel Inspections

Maintaining Vessels' Statutory And Class Certification

Monitoring Planned Maintenance Of The Vessels

Supporting Vessel's Operations And Assisting Vessel's Personnel In Technical Matters

Carrying Out Pre-Purchase Surveys


In an increasingly volatile marketplace, cost containment and risk management are major priorities for vessel owners and operators. Business partners who own or operate vessels can reduce costs and manage risk through Fidelity’s risk management expertise, which extends to vessel, cargo and fuel hedging strategies. Through its risk management capability, Fidelity reduces its own exposure to adverse trends and volatility, and helps control shipping and fuel costs, while providing a reliable counterparty to numerous leading international shipping and trading enterprises and financial institutions.